2018 - Volume 7 [Issue 2]

Short Research Article

Short communication

Original Research Article

Prevalence, First Molecular Identification and Characterization of Theileria lestoquardi in Sheep in Alhuda National Sheep Research Station, Al Gezira State, Sudan

H. D. M. Ahmed, A. M. Ahmed, D. A. Salih, S. K. Hasan, M. M. Masri, H. N. Altayb, M. A. M. Khaeir, M. O. Hussein, A. M. El Hussein

DOI: 10.9734/AJOB/2018/45972

Page: 1-9

Comparative Evaluation of the Reproductive Indices and Gonadal Development of Clarias gariepinus Fed Chicken Offal and Shrimp Based Diets

Raymond Odey Ajang, Akaninyene Paul Joseph, Ettah Akpang Ivon, Elvis Monfung Ayim

DOI: 10.9734/ajob/2018/v7i230047

Page: 1-13

Efficacy of Herbicide Glyphosate Hijack® on the Blood Parameters of the Freshwater Fish, Catla catla (HAM)

F. Jerald Felix, Saradhamani ., F. Charles Maria Prabhu, Mahalakshmi .

DOI: 10.9734/ajob/2018/v7i230049

Page: 1-10

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