Deciphering Genetic Variability, Traits Association, Correlation and Path Coefficient in Selected Boro Rice (Oryza sativa L.) Landraces

M. Khalequzzaman

Bangladesh Rice Research Institute, Gazipur, Bangladesh.

T. Chakrabarty

Genetic Resources and Seed Division, Bangladesh Rice Research Institute, Gazipur, Bangladesh.

M. Z. Islam

Bangladesh Rice Research Institute, Gopalganj, Bangladesh.

E. S. M. H. Rashid

Genetic Resources and Seed Division, Bangladesh Rice Research Institute, Gazipur, Bangladesh.

M. F. R. K. Prince

Genetic Resources and Seed Division, Bangladesh Rice Research Institute, Gazipur, Bangladesh.

M. A. Siddique *

Genetic Resources and Seed Division, Bangladesh Rice Research Institute, Gazipur, Bangladesh.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


The study was conducted to evaluate the mean performance, variability along with heritability, correlation coefficient and path coefficients from data collected on 48 Boro rice landraces. Amboro 2 (Golden), Gopal Beshi, Deshi Boro, Kali Boro, Madhabsail, Jagli (Deshi Boro), Pankaich, Joya Boro and Mi-Pajang were found as elite landrace based on the mean performance. High heritability along with genetic advance (GA) and genetic advance in per cent of mean (GAMP) was observed for ligule length, basal leaf length, basal leaf width, culm length, panicle length, test weight, grain length, grain breadth and brown rice length breadth ratio. A positive and significant correlation was observed for basal leaf length, culm length, plant height and yield at both genotypic and phenotypic levels. Basal leaf length and plant height showed a positive direct effect, but culm length showed a negative direct effect at the genotypic level and the situation is just reversed at the phenotypic level for these three traits. However, all these three traits have made the total association positive and significant. Yield had significant (***p<0.001) positive correlations with filled grains number per panicle, days to flowering, days to maturity, grain length, and decorticated grain length breadth ratio. Hence, basal leaf length, culm length, plant height, days to flower and days to maturity are identified as key traits for developing advanced Boro rice breeding lines. The landraces showing a significant amount of variability for yield and its correlated traits can be used for the future breeding program by direct selection based on yield and yield contributing traits.

Keywords: Variability, traits association, correlation, path coefficient, heritability, rice landrace

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Khalequzzaman, M., Chakrabarty , T., Islam , M. Z., Rashid , E. S. M. H., Prince , M. F. R. K., & Siddique , M. A. (2023). Deciphering Genetic Variability, Traits Association, Correlation and Path Coefficient in Selected Boro Rice (Oryza sativa L.) Landraces. Asian Journal of Biology, 19(2), 33–45.


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