Effect of Chitooligosaccharide on In vitro and Ex vitro Growth of Piper nigrum L.

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Mai Quoc Quan
Nguyen Thi Dao
Nguyen Quang Vinh


Oligosaccharins: oligogalacturonic, and chitooligosaccharides are known as molecular signals to induce and regulate various genes in plants. This study was conducted to deternine the effects of chitooligosaccharide on bud formula and growth of Piper nigrum in both in vitro and ex vitro. The results showed that sterilize Piper nigrum shoots with 30% sodium hypochlorite at 10 min was the most suitable condition; appropriate culture media for bud formulation was Murashige and Skoog (MS) media supplemented 30 g/L saccharose, 7,5 g/L agar, 3 mg/L N6 – benzyl adenine (BA), culture media for growth of plantlet shoot was MS media supplemented 30 g/L sacharose, 7,5 g/L agar, 1 g/L NAA, 2 mg/L IBA and 45 ppm chitooligosaccharide. Supplementation of chitooligosaccharide at concentration of 45 ppm was optimal for the growth of Piper nigrum plantlets both in vitro and ex vitro. Present study indicated that chitooligosaccharide strongly promote the growth of Piper nigrum and recommend concentration for both in vitro and ex vitro is 45 ppm.

Piper nigrum L., chitooligosaccharide, chitosan, plant tissue culture.

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Quoc Quan, M., Thi Dao, N., & Quang Vinh, N. (2019). Effect of Chitooligosaccharide on In vitro and Ex vitro Growth of Piper nigrum L. Asian Journal of Biology, 8(3), 1-8. https://doi.org/10.9734/ajob/2019/v8i330066
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