High Frequency and Activity of Glossina spp., Vectors of Human African Trypanosomiasis along a Secondary Forest-Man Made Transect in Makokou (North East-Gabon)

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Zinga-Koumba Christophe Roland
Sevidzem Silas Lendzele
Affiri Odzame Joseph-Marie
Mounioko Franck
Koumba Armel Aubin
Rodrigue Mintsa Nguema
Acapovi-Yao Genevieve Lydie
M’batchi Bertrand
Jacques Francois Mavoungou


The abundance, species diversity and diurnal activity rhythm of hematophagous glossineswere evaluated by trapping using 15 Vavoua traps, during the rainy season (25th Sept-5th Oct to 21st Oct-9th Nov 2018), in two habitats: secondary forest and Anthropised milieu, in the biosphere reserve Ipassa-IRET Makokou in Gabon. In total, 489 glossines were caught  with 245 collected from Village-Town site and regrouped under 4 species [G.p.palpalis (32.17%), G. frezili (36.23%), G. nashi (29.57%) and G. f. fuscipes (2.03%)] while 244 were collected from forest and regrouped under 3 species [G.p.palpalis (61.48%), G. nashi (28.69%) and G. frezili (0.84%)]. The abundance of glossines was higher in the Village-Town milieu (2.88 g/t/d) as compared to the forest (2.34 g/t/d) with no statistically significant difference (P>0.05). Glossines showed a unimodal diurnal activity rhythm with peak between 10h-12h in the two milieu and was dominated by females.

Hematophagous flies, park, reserve, Vavoua traps, biotope, rainy season, Gabon

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Roland, Z.-K. C., Lendzele, S. S., Joseph-Marie, A. O., Franck, M., Aubin, K. A., Nguema, R. M., Lydie, A.-Y. G., Bertrand, M., & Mavoungou, J. F. (2019). High Frequency and Activity of Glossina spp., Vectors of Human African Trypanosomiasis along a Secondary Forest-Man Made Transect in Makokou (North East-Gabon). Asian Journal of Biology, 8(2), 1-8. https://doi.org/10.9734/ajob/2019/v8i230058
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