Occurrence and Resistance Profile of Extended Spectrum Beta- Lactamase Escherichia coli from Inanimate Surfaces of Student Toilets

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A. C. Chukwujekwu
O. E. Agbagwa


Aim: The study was carried out to determine the occurrence and resistance profile of extended spectrum beta-lactamase E. coli from inanimate surfaces in public and private toilets in student lodge within the University of Port Harcourt Nigeria.

Study Design: The employs experimental design and data collection.

Place and Duration of Study: The study was carried out for a period of 9 months from December 2017 to August 2018 in the Medical Microbiology laboratory of the department of Microbiology, University of Port Harcourt Nigeria.

Methodology: A total of 105 swabs were swabbed from floors, seats and door handles of the 6 toilets, the isolates were identified using standard microbiological methods. The positive cultures of E. coli were subjected to antimicrobial susceptibility testing using Gram negative disk by Kirby Bauer disk diffusion method. ESBL-producing E. coli were detected using several combinations of cephalosporin disks with clavulanic acid disks.

Results: Out of the bacteria identified from the swabbed area 33% (35 isolates) were identified as E. coli. Antibiotic susceptibility testing showed high resistance of the isolates to Cefuroxime, Gentamicin, Cefixime, Augmentin, Ceftazidime, Ciprofloxacin, Ofloxacin. but were more susceptible to Nitrofurantoin. Ninety-five (95) % of isolated E. coli was resistant to at least resistant 3-5 antibiotics. The ESBL production of the isolated E. coli was noted from seats of both public and private toilets with 67% respectively than the floors with 20% and 33%. This study reveals ESBL producing E. coli can occur in large numbers on surfaces which users of toilets readily contact. Conclusion: Efforts should be made in monitoring the excessive use of antibiotics as these contributes to the resistance ability of the organism and also, daily cleaning and disinfection in conjunction with a regular hygiene service are recommended to prevent the spread multidrug resistant strains and ESBL producing E. coli.

Escherichia coli, extended spectrum beta-lactamase, inanimate surfaces, resistance, toilets

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Chukwujekwu, A. C., & Agbagwa, O. E. (2019). Occurrence and Resistance Profile of Extended Spectrum Beta- Lactamase Escherichia coli from Inanimate Surfaces of Student Toilets. Asian Journal of Biology, 7(1), 1-9. https://doi.org/10.9734/AJOB/2018/46352
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