Impact of the Application of Sulphur Formulation on the Abundance and Activity of Insect Predators Naturally Existing in Marrow Fields

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Mamdouh Maher Matter
Atef Abd El-Rahman Ali
Shahira Saad El-Din Marei
Ola Omar El-Fandary
Nagy Abdellatef Farag
Mohamed Ahmed Gesraha


Aims: This work aims to explore the side effects of sulphur formulation (Sorell-98%) on two important beneficial insects to give the basis of sulphur impacts on them.

Study Design: Evaluation of the effects of sulphur formulation on some predators naturally occurred in open fields.

Place and Duration of Study: Field experiment was carried out in Giza Governorate, Egypt, season 2016/2017.

Methodology: Sulphur formulation was applied to protect vegetable crops against some plant diseases and piercing sucking pests (aphis, whiteflies, thrips & mites). The experiment was undertaken in marrow fields (Cucurbita pepo L.). Two similar rectangle areas each area about 700 m2 were chosen. The first area was divided longwise into 2 halves, each half divided horizontally into 4 plots; where all agricultural practices were carried out as usual. Sorell-98% was applied at recommended rate 30 days post plantation. Similar plots at the 2nd area (check area) was chosen far enough (350 meters) from the treated one and similarly prepared as the treated one (but, without sulphur application). The average number of each natural enemy (Coccinella undecimpunctata & Chrysoperla carnea) per time interval and percent of increase and/or decrease in the population density were calculated. Fifty plants were inspected/plot/time interval in treated and untreated areas.

Results: Findings revealed that the least number of the prevailing predators’ adults was recorded at the treated plots 2 hours post treatment. In addition, the mean number of the recorded adults occurred in the untreated plots of the 1st area was increased significantly than that of the untreated 2nd area at 12, 48 hours and after one week post treatment.

Conclusion: Results clarify that, the intelligent handling of sulphur formulations in order to control some pests and plant diseases with minimal or no harmful effects towards the adult predators under investigation must be taken in consideration, thus, this could be more favourable to keep the environment clean and non-polluted.

Sulphur formulation, Sorell-98%, Coccinella undecimpunctata, Chrysoperla carnea, marrow fields

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Matter, M. M., Ali, A. A. E.-R., Marei, S. S. E.-D., El-Fandary, O. O., Farag, N. A., & Gesraha, M. A. (2018). Impact of the Application of Sulphur Formulation on the Abundance and Activity of Insect Predators Naturally Existing in Marrow Fields. Asian Journal of Biology, 7(1), 1-8.
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