Greener Synthesis and Plant Growth Regulator (PGR) Evaluation of Some Novel Bis-chalcones and Pyrazoles

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Prashant P. Chaudhari
Shankarsing S. Rajput


Aims: Formation, characterization and biological evaluation (PGR: Plant Growth Regulator) of some innovative bis-chalcone and pyrazole moieties from succinimide and glutarimide derivatives.

Study Design:  The innovative class of bis-chalcones and pyrazoles were comprehended by reaction of Succinic/Glutaric anhydride derivatives and p-fluro benzaldehyde. All reactants in presence of acetic acid endowed a sequence of bis-chalcones and further, they endure cyclisationcyclisation with hydrazine hydrate to yield pyrazoles. Microwave irradiation (solvent free) helps to make it better and easier. All the synthesized compounds have been tested as PGR against maize and moong seeds.

Place and Duration of Study: Experimental: Department of Engineering Science, Dr D Y Patil School of Engineering, Dr D Y Patil Knowledge City, Charoli (Bk), Lohegaon, Pune (412105), Characterization:  Central Instrumentation Facility, Savitribai Phule Pune University, Ganeshkhind Road, Pune - 411 007 [India] between January 2013 to July 2017.

Methodology: Melting points were recorded in open glass capillaries and were uncorrected. The chemical structures of the obtained compounds were confirmed by spectral analyses. IR spectra (in KBr pallets) were recorded on Brucker alpha FTIR spectrophotometer. 1H NMR spectra were recorded on and 500 MHz by Brucker spectrophotometer. Maize (Rajeshwar) and moong (PKVM-8802) were used for PGR testing.

Results: It is precisely that; a novel class of bis-chalcones (I-VI) and pyrazoles (VII-XII) derivatives were synthesized by efficient, succinct methodology. It was unaffectedly and honestly scrutinized and characterized spectral data, physical constants. Also, all the synthesized novel compounds were tested as PGR against maize and moong seeds.

Conclusion: Conspicuous difference is found in the yield of greener methodology than conventional. The Compound III and VII achieved excellent yield via greener path. Also Compound III, VII, IX and XII are found very good plant growth regulator.

Green chemistry, cyclic imides, bis-chalcone, Bis Pyrazole, condensation, Plant Growth Regulator (PGR)

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Chaudhari, P. P., & Rajput, S. S. (2018). Greener Synthesis and Plant Growth Regulator (PGR) Evaluation of Some Novel Bis-chalcones and Pyrazoles. Asian Journal of Biology, 6(1), 1-17.
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