Haemoparasites of Bovine (Sokoto gudali) Species Slaughtered in Port Harcourt Metropololis, Rivers State, Nigeria

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J. D. Obed
H. O. Imafidor


Background: The study was embarked on to evaluate the presence of haemoparasitemia in cattle slaughtered in three abattoirs in Port Harcourt metropolis, Rivers State, Nigeria.

Methods: One hundred and five (105) blood samples were obtained from healthy Sokoto Gudali breed of cattle from three abattoirs (Trans-Amadi, Rumuokoro and Eastern-by-Pass) between the months of July and September, 2016, were processed for microscopic examination using Giemsa Stained thick and thin smear preparations of the samples.

Results: Twelve (11.43%) of the cattle showed parasitemia. Abattoir specific prevalence indicated 5.71%, 3.81% and 1.90% for Trans-Amadi, Rumuokoro and Eastern-by-Pass respectively. The three species of parasites identified; Anaplasma spp., Theileria spp. and Babesia spp. recorded a prevalence of 5.71%, 3.81% and 1.90% respectively. Sex related parasitemia showed that females had higher prevalence of 6.67% than males (4.76%) which was statistically significant (P<0.05). Age related prevalence showed that older cattle (sexually mature) recorded higher prevalence of 12.72% than the younger ones (sexually immature) (10.00%), which was not statistically significant (p>0.05). The study showed a higher prevalence of haemoparasites in slaughtered cattle at Trans-Amadi followed by Rumuokoro and Eastern-by-Pass abbatoirs respectively. 

Conclusion: The study provides information on the haemoparasites status of cattle slaughtered in Port-Harcourt metropolis. Ectoparasites are known to be the primary vectors to haemoparasites therefore, level of ectoparasites should be controlled and management practices should be improved upon in order to maximize wholesome beef for the general populace.

Haemoparasites, cattle, abattoirs, Sokoto Gudali, Port Harcourt

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Obed, J. D., & Imafidor, H. O. (2018). Haemoparasites of Bovine (Sokoto gudali) Species Slaughtered in Port Harcourt Metropololis, Rivers State, Nigeria. Asian Journal of Biology, 5(4), 1-8. https://doi.org/10.9734/AJOB/2018/39625
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