A Study on the Anatomy of Zanthoxylum macrophylla (L.) Sarg. (Rutaceae)

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N. A. Igboabuchi
C. V. Ilodibia


Anatomical studies were carried out on various parts of Zanthoxylum macrophylla to determine its taxonomical data with regards to anatomical characters. Anatomical study of the transverse sections of the parts (leaf, stem, petiole and root) was carried out using microtomy while leaf epidermal study was carried out using impression technique. Results showed that the transverse sections of various parts (leaf, stem, petiole and root) of the Zanthoxylum macrophylla had similar features including rays in the secondary stem and root. The leaf epidermal study showed the presence of stomata on the abaxial surface only with paracytic stomatal type. The obtained data can be used to enhance proper taxonomic characterization and identification of the plant species.

Zanthoxylum macrophylla, Rutaceae, anatomy, taxonomy

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Igboabuchi, N. A., & Ilodibia, C. V. (2017). A Study on the Anatomy of Zanthoxylum macrophylla (L.) Sarg. (Rutaceae). Asian Journal of Biology, 3(4), 1-6. https://doi.org/10.9734/AJOB/2017/36104
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