A Retrospective Study of Plasmodium Parasites Infection in Ngaski Local Government of Kebbi State, North-West, Nigeria

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N. O. Iboyi
M. O. Iboyi
M. E. Adah


Malaria remains a major cause of illness and death especially among children under 5 years. It is estimated that more than one million children living in Africa especially in remote areas with poor access to health services die annually from direct and indirect effects of malaria. This study was carried out to determine the prevalence of Plasmodium parasites among patients presenting with fever in General Hospital in Wara, Ngaski Local Government Area of Kebbi State, Northwest, Nigeria. Microscopy was used to determine the presence of malaria parasites in the study area. Data were collected from Nine thousand and eighty-eight patients from year 2014 to 2016 at the Medical Record Department. Data were analyzed using Chi-square test. A total of 9088 patients were sampled, of which 5861(64.49%) were positive of the infection. Year 2015 had the highest visitation of 3450 patients out of which 2393 (59.39%) were positive, this was closely followed by year 2014 which had 2990 visitation of which 1720 (57.52%) were positive of the infection and year 2016 had the lowest patients visitation 2648 of which 1748 (56.01%) were positive. There was no significance difference in the prevalence of P. falciparium in three years (p>0.05). Result in this study showed that male had higher infection rate 2574 (77.16%) than female patients 3287 (57.15%). Subjects above 5 years of age had a higher infection rate 2913 (68.05%) and Subjects less than 5 years of age had a lower infection rate 2948 (61.32%). Chi square test shows that there was no significance difference between infection rate and sex (p>0.05). Public health education campaign should be organised to create awareness that may lead to reduction of vectors of malaria parasites and control of the disease especially in young children, Insecticide Treated Nets (ITN) should be made available for the inhabitant of the area.

Malaria, prevalence, Plasmodium parasites, infection, Ngaski, Nigeria

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Iboyi, N. O., Iboyi, M. O., & Adah, M. E. (2017). A Retrospective Study of Plasmodium Parasites Infection in Ngaski Local Government of Kebbi State, North-West, Nigeria. Asian Journal of Biology, 3(4), 1-7. https://doi.org/10.9734/AJOB/2017/35655
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