Performance of Six Faba Bean Genotypes and Their F2 Hybrids and Reciprocals

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M. M. F. Abdalla
M. M. Shafik
Sabah M. Attia
Hend A. Ghannam


The present investigation was carried out at Giza and Sids Research Stations during 2011/2012 to 2013/14 growing seasons. A diallel cross including reciprocals among six faba bean genotypes (, Giza 843, Nubaria 1, Cairo 25, Cairo 5, Cairo 33 and Misr 3) was utilized to estimate different sources of genetic variability and other derived parameters, seed yield and its components: pods, seeds and 100-seed weight. Analysis of parent and F2,s indicated that Giza 843 and Nubaria 1 were good combiners for number of branches, seed yield/plant and 100-seed weight. The parent Cairo 25 was good combiner for pods/plant, seeds/plant and seed yield/plant. High GCA/SCA ratios revealed the predominance of additive gene action in most cases. Thus, selection could be favored for improving these traits. The additive genetic variance (D) was highly significant for pods/plant, seed yield/plant and 100-seed weight indicating that additive effect is important in the inheritance of these traits. Therefore selection would be expected to be effective. The component of variation due to dominance effects (H1) was highly significant for all traits indicating the presence of dominance with asymmetrical gene distribution in the parental genotypes. All traits had high values of H1 and H2 than "D" except 100-seed weight indicating the important role of dominance genetic variance. Heritability estimates in narrow sense ranged from 0.01% in plant height to 42% for number of branches. Both additive and non-additive genetic variances played role in inheritance of different traits. Significant reciprocal-cross differences in F2 should impose direction of crossing in favor of plasmon effects. 

Faba bean, combining ability, heritability, gene action, reciprocal-crosses

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Abdalla, M. M. F., Shafik, M. M., Attia, S. M., & Ghannam, H. A. (2017). Performance of Six Faba Bean Genotypes and Their F2 Hybrids and Reciprocals. Asian Journal of Biology, 3(1), 1-9.
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