Proximate Composition and Nutritional Analysis of Seeds and Testas of Dacryodes edulis and Garcinia kola

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R. U. B. Ebana
U. O. Edet
U. M. Ekanemesang
G. M. Ikon
E. B. Umoren
N. W. Ntukidem
O. E. Etim
S. Sambo
N. U. Brown


Dacryodes eludis and Garcinia kola are two plants amongst others that are rightly regarded as underutilized. The aim of this study was therefore to examine the seeds and testas of G. kola and    D. eludis for the presence of nutrients, minerals, vitamins and anti-nutrients. The analyses were done using standard techniques and the resulting replicate readings subjected to analysis of variance (ANOVA) for significance. The results of the proximate composition revealed that both seeds and testas of the studied plants were very rich in nutrients. The moisture content was more in the testas than the seeds of both plants but was highest in the testa of D. eludis (41.00±0.01 g/100 g dry matter). The ash and protein contents were almost similar in both plants. Fat and fibre contents were higher in the G. kola while the testa of D. eludis had more carbohydrate (71.88±0.02 g/100 g dry matter). Consistently, G. kola had more vitamins than D. eludis. However, the most abundant vitamin was B which ranged from 213.07 to 224.70 (mg/100 mL) while the least in both plants was vitamin E that ranged from 2.08 to 3.14 (mg/100 mL). Mineral analysis showed the presence of minerals such as Na, K, Ca, Mg, Fe, Zn, Cu and P in G. kola and K, Ca, Mg, P and N for D. eludis.  Anti-nutrients analysis revealed the presence of hydrocyanic acid, soluble and total oxalate, and phytate with G. kola having the highest concentrations of all the anti-nutrients.  Analysis of replicate readings for all examined parameters showed significance (p< 0.05). There is a need to further studies aimed at their utilization in human and livestock nutrition and industry.

Garcinia kola, Dacryodes eludes, anti-nutrients, vitamins, minerals

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Ebana, R. U. B., Edet, U. O., Ekanemesang, U. M., Ikon, G. M., Umoren, E. B., Ntukidem, N. W., Etim, O. E., Sambo, S., & Brown, N. U. (2017). Proximate Composition and Nutritional Analysis of Seeds and Testas of Dacryodes edulis and Garcinia kola. Asian Journal of Biology, 2(1), 1-8.
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